So I’ve finally decided to take a leap and jump on the blogging band wagon. At first I was hesitant as a number of thoughts held me back. Is this like an online diary for everyone to see? Do I have anything interesting to say? Does anyone really care? But having lived in Paris for six months now, I realise I actually do have a lot to share of my experiences and my discoveries in this amazing, vibrant and beautiful city. Other reasons for starting a blog include 1)releasing my suppressed creativity (I long to write a book and also finish at least one piece of artwork so I can actually hang it on the wall) and 2)making a written note of all the great places I visit at weekends (as I’ve serious short term memory!).

Hope you enjoy reading as much as I hope to enjoy blogging 🙂



About mizzdublin

Originally from Dublin and living in Paris just over 6 months now. I'm a free spirit, have a contagious laugh and love sketching and writing and hope to do more of this in the months to come

2 responses to “Hello

  1. Well done for writing something! Love the photos. Well – I just love Paris and have had great days and nights in Dublin in my long ago youth, and even when I was older I once played my saxophone on a trip with the school band in Dublin…and my sister lives in Galway… so I couldn’t resist reading when I saw your title.

    • Hi mijo1947 🙂
      Thank you so much for your comment, really kind of you! I’m glad you enjoy the blog. I’m only starting out but I’m hoping to post a lot more regularly on Paris, events and definitely more photos 🙂
      Are you Irish yourself?
      ps. I’ve always wanted to play saxophone, that’s so cool! 🙂

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