Sunday strolls

20 degrees in Paris today so it was!!! Not that I ever need an excuse to go wandering around Paris on Sundays but todays weather reminded me of when I first arrived here back in September when it was sunny and scorching. So I walked from the 15th to the 7th, finally discovered where Bon Marché is and eventually ended up at Solferino, where as I was walking up by Musée d’Orsay I witnessed a marathon of roller skaters…this picture does not do it justice, there were literally hundreds of people skating!



Yesterday’s stroll involved a stop off at Darty (I’m currently in the process of buying a mini oven, this has been long over due) near Montparnasse and a walk around the back of la gate Montparnasse where I had an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower from the top of the hill. In fairness, I am lucky to be able to wake up and see the tower right in front of me every morning but it’s always exciting when I discover it from another perspective.



About mizzdublin

Originally from Dublin and living in Paris just over 6 months now. I'm a free spirit, have a contagious laugh and love sketching and writing and hope to do more of this in the months to come

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