Celebrating Irishness in Paris

Hello all,

So this week has been pretty hectic. For one, in work the month of March is always a really busy time for us with the run up to St Patricks Day (we promote Ireland for a living!). Also, my social life has started to pick up around the same time (not that I’m complaining) so unfortunately I haven’t had as much time as I would have liked to dedicate to posting.


First of all, I think a congratulations is due to the Irish rugby team for only going and WINNING the 6 Nations against France yesterday  🙂 I swear I had never seen a rugby match in my life before coming to Paris and yesterday’s match was my third since arriving here and did not disappoint! I actually saw myself turning into one of those crazy supporters who screams, sings and pulls hair as if my life depended on it…but it was all worth it as we DID it!!! The last few minutes were especially tense as we were 23-22 to France as they managed to score a try (yes I know what a try is now)…but THEN the referee didn’t allow it…so we WON! 😀 I was so delighted, firstly for Brian O’Driscoll who’s last match it was and secondly for all those loyal Ireland supporters who travelled over for the match. The atmosphere was amazing and in fairness to the French, they gave us a good game and took it well.


In the morning, the Sacré Coeur held a mass (as gaeilge) for the first time ever!!! It was great to see the Irish community get together in Paris, from expats to those over for the match, I honestly felt like I was back home and it was a privilege to have a mass dedicated to the Irish in such a beautiful building. The priests even brought a bit of banter to the mass (as is to be expected in Ireland) and we were all offered tea and Irish treats in Corcorans Irish Pub after at the bottom of the hill. Of course, had to order a yummy fish and chips whilst the others had burgers and chips and bangers and mash. Was nothing but delicious!!!

More exciting posts for St Patricks coming very soon!

Happy Sunday!



About mizzdublin

Originally from Dublin and living in Paris just over 6 months now. I'm a free spirit, have a contagious laugh and love sketching and writing and hope to do more of this in the months to come

2 responses to “Celebrating Irishness in Paris

  1. Hi – I’m glad I found you through the Daily Prompt. I have visited both Ireland and Paris and fell in love with both – I’m envious of your heart and soul 🙂 My first husband and I – a very long time ago – owned and operated an (Americanized) Irish pub in Boulder, CO. It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun and St Paddy’s Day was, of course, WILD beyond belief. I will enjoy following your journey in Paris.

    • Hi Sammy D. Thanks so much for your post! I’ve found a good few Irish pubs since arriving in Paris, it’s funny because I wasn’t all that bothered about going to Irish pubs before but now it just makes me feel that closer to home…the music, the Guinness (on tap) and the typical Irish banter 🙂 Hope you enjoy the blog!

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