I believe


Three things in my heart I believe to be true:

1) Karma – those who have been kind will be rewarded and those who have been unkind will receive their natural justice. Revenge and anger are unnecessary, sometimes you just have to offer it up to God, the Universe (or whatever you believe in) and let it be taken care of.

2) There is a higher being and and most definitely an afterlife. I can’t ever imagine a possibility of no longer being alive to experience such emotions as love and happiness or be surrounded by those who provoke these in us.

3) Sunshine makes people that little bit more happier (or at least me anyway!)

Three things I believe to be false:

1) That you have to be unkind, rude or unpleasant to succeed in life.

2) That you can’t be whoever you want to be (even though I myself have trouble sometimes with this one)

3) That you need to “act your age” – you are as young (or old) as you feel. As long as your actions aren’t hurting you or anyone else than watch cartoons in your 20s, read comic books in your 30s or even take up knitting in your teens or enjoy having a cuppa with a friend instead of going clubbing in your 20s. Society literally has our lives mapped out for us with the activities we should be doing at a certain age. I say, throw out the guidebook and live life how you want and just be you! 🙂

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About mizzdublin

Originally from Dublin and living in Paris just over 6 months now. I'm a free spirit, have a contagious laugh and love sketching and writing and hope to do more of this in the months to come

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  8. I agreed 100% with needing to act your age! It is but a number and you are right, we need to live life how we want! Great post!

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