St Patrick’s Day in Paris

Hi all,

It’s safe to say this has been the most exciting St Patrick’s week I think I’ve ever had (since I went to the Dublin parade with my Dad as a child). On Sunday night, we “greened” or lit up the Moulin Rouge in green to celebrate the Irish national holiday of St Patrick. Two rows of dancers (a mixture of Can Can girls and Riverdancers) put on an exciting ‘mélange’ of the two dances whilst the Moulin Rouge glowed in green behind them. To witness the over the top glamour of the Can Can dancers with the understated elegance of the Riverdance was a fantastic contrast that just seemed to fit at the same time.


Before greening


After greening

Yesterday, the festivities really kicked off as we had a press lunch at Semilla restaurant to celebrate the best of Irish cuisine in partnership with Bord Bia and Tourism Ireland and some of the best Irish chefs and producers who came to share their skills with a group of journalists, bloggers and Michelin starred restaurant owners. After we had done our bit meeting and greeting (and giving out shamrocks) we had the chance to sit down and have a taste of some delicious Irish stew (the BEST I’ve ever tasted)!!!


We then hopped on the RER A and arrived at Disney. The weather had just took a 180 and was looking to be a glorious day. We picked up our passes and headed for the rides. I went on Space Mountain (for the second time), was even more nervous as I knew what to expect but was actually not as scary the second time…although was just as exciting! After that, I was feeling a bit more brazen, especially as my colleagues persuaded me to go on Thunder Mountain (which terrifies me as it’s outside) but then they coerced me by drawing my attention to the children in the queue, saying if they could do it I could…all I can say is I will NEVER do that to my child. I cried like a baby and when we looked at our photos at the end I couldn’t see my face as I was clinging to my poor colleagues arm in absolute fear. Although saying that, I’m glad I did it and came out alive.

The illuminations at Sleeping Beauty’s castle began just as it fell dark and it was nothing short of spectacular. We had expected it would be turned green and that there might be a few fireworks but we were never to be fully prepared for what was in store. It was too breathtaking to put into words and too mesmerising to capture on camera. But here’s an attempt…

VAL_7471 VAL_7530 VAL_7531 VAL_7549

There weren’t just fireworks, but actual FIRE that was so strong it left smoke rings in the air and brief blankets of warmth, which was much welcomed by the crowd, considering how cold out it was. The illuminations weren’t just amazing to look at but were extremely moving as a compilation of Disney classics such as The Lion King, Brave and Aladdin were projected onto the castle. The creativity, enthusiasm and tremendous effort Disney had gone to for this show was touching and left everyone feeling reminiscent of either their own childhood or that of their children’s, with whom they would have shared memories of of Disney’s most magical moments in film.

Hope you all had a lovely green St Patrick’s Day.



About mizzdublin

Originally from Dublin and living in Paris just over 6 months now. I'm a free spirit, have a contagious laugh and love sketching and writing and hope to do more of this in the months to come

2 responses to “St Patrick’s Day in Paris

  1. How amazing it all looks – and you get PAID for doing these things?! What a job!!!

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