Sunday strolls – Jardin des Plantes

One of my favourite places to go in Paris when I want to take it easy and either stroll around or read a book is Les Jardins des Plantes. No matter what the season, whether it’s Autumn with the golden and crimson leaves crunching beneath my feet, Winter when the trees glisten with frost and I’m wrapped up nice and cosy in my woolies or Spring… (I will let the photos beneath explain)



Comedy, Springtime and my failed attempt at baking

On Monday night, I started the week off on a fun note but going to see How to Become Parisian in an Hour. This is the best selling show in Paris and it wasn’t hard to see why. Within five seconds of arriving on the stage, Olivier Giraud had the audience (a mixture of French and overseas visitors) in fits of laughter. His impression of Parisian life and encounters in the metro, restaurants and shops was so spot on that it was hard not to find it hilarious. Honestly, Paris is such a great city but there are aspects of living here that do sometimes get to me such as the miserable faces in the metro every morning or the rudeness of sales staff but Olivier explained this so well that at the end I nearly empathised with them (I stress ‘nearly’!). This show is a must see for anyone visiting or living, or even passing through Paris but I would say it is particularly relevant to those who have been in Paris long enough to no longer be amazed by the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower and the one sided view of Paris we experience as a tourist. 



During the week, I went to the park by the Champs Elysée and enjoyed the warm weather. I was amazed at how suddenly Spring had hit the park. Suddenly there were cherry blossoms that seemed to have bloomed out of no where and flowers of every colour planted all around. 







It was especially nice on Tuesday so decided to walk home.

Yesterday, I attempted to make brownies as I was at home sick for the day and had planned to come back to work next day with yummy Nigella inspired brownies for my colleagues. Everything was going to plan until firstly, I realised I was 100g out of butter just as I had melted the butter and chocolate together. After running out to the shop across the road, I managed to throw the remaining butter into the mix without any trauma. I continued by adding the eggs and the sugar, then the almonds and walnuts. After folding the mixture into the mini baking tray I had bought specially (as I have a mini oven) the ultimate despair took over as I attempted to slide the tray into the oven only to realise it didn’t fit! I must have turned the tray diagonally, hexagonally, vertically but alas it was not meant to be…I then transferred the mixture to the smaller tray I had (which is really supposed to be a “crumb tray’, bunged it in the oven and hoped for the best. When I took it out 25 minutes later (the recommended time) it appeared to be cooked on the outside and “gooey” on the inside just as the recipe stated. However, even when left to cool, it remained “gooey”…even this morning when I opened up the plastic container I stored the mound of gloop in…so alas, no brownies for my colleagues today 😦 And my hopes of becoming a domestic goddess will just have to wait another while longer…Image


How deceiving!


I tried

So yea…it’s fair to say I’ve sickened myself off chocolate now without having eaten any of it. Plus I’ve to get a refund on that baking tray now…